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Fed Up of Sneezing and Itching? Yoga can help provide Relief from Hay Fever

As spring weaves its warm magical fingers through the air, most of us feel happy and invigorated. Unfortunately, spring is also notorious for triggering the symptoms of hay fever. This is because spring is the season when pollen is produced by plants and trees. Some individuals are chronically allergic to pollen and their bodies react by triggering non-stop bouts of sneezing, itching and sniffing.

Hay fever can play havoc with work and leave you sniffling into tissues and struggling with reddened eyes. According to the Australasian Institute of Immunology, hay fever affects 1 out of 5 Australians and extreme fatigue may interfere with quality of life and activity levels. Typical hay fever symptoms include sneezing, itchy nose and throat, redness in the eyes, facial pain and blocked sinuses. People who suffer from asthma could also experience shortness of breath and wheezing due to hay fever.

Yoga is a very helpful natural therapy tool that helps treat symptoms of hay fever. In addition to yoga, there are also effective homeopathy and Ayurvedic treatments that help control hay fever.

How is Hay Fever Caused?

When we inhale pollen-laden air, our noses become inflamed and this leads to sneezing and itching. People who suffer from asthma must be particularly careful of hay fever as it may degenerate into full blown asthma.

When our body perceives a ‘threat’ including pollen, dust, pet-dander and grass; it begins to produce more of a specific hormone called ‘histamines’. Histamines help the body’s fight or flight impulse and try to purge the antibody out through mucus. People who suffer from pollen-allergy experience increased production of histamines.

Our immune systems are deeply impacted by our stress levels; high stress levels lead to weakened immune systems which in turn have the potential to trigger severe hay fever attacks.

How does Yoga help alleviate the Symptoms of Hay Fever?

Yoga has a host of benefits for those who suffer from hay fever. Benefits include:

  • Clearing up of congestion
  • Relaxed and easier breathing
  • Unclogging of a blocked nose
  • Your body begins to combat the production of excess histamines

If you suffer from hay fever and want to practice yoga poses, you may wish to practise yoga indoors as the outdoor areas may expose you to pollen and other allergens. Yoga breathing exercises also help warm up the body due to adequate intake of oxygen. This in turn helps clear blocked nasal airways and drains moisture and mucus.