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Are you Experiencing Hair Loss, Weight Gain or Dry Skin? Natural Therapy to Treat Hormonal Imbalances

Our hormones play an all-important role in our physical and mental wellbeing. Hormones are natural chemicals that help regulate body processes. While most of us tend to associate hormonal imbalances with pregnant or menopausal women, the truth is everyone gets affected by hormones.

Hormones are responsible for a host of functions in the body including reproduction, sex, moods and growth. Hormones also determine energy absorption from different foods.

What are the Signs that your Hormones may be Imbalanced?

Here are 6 common symptoms that could indicate hormone imbalance:

  • Stubborn weight gain: If you are trying every diet and exercise under the sun and not being able to shed weight, this could be a sign of a hormonal problem
  • Fatigue: If you feel tired despite a healthy diet and exercise, hormonal imbalance could be the cause
  • Decreased interest in sex and low libido
  • Unexplained mood swings and depression
  • Night sweats and disturbed sleep patterns
  • Food cravings

Balanced hormones coupled with the right diet and a healthy lifestyle can lead to a sense of wellbeing and fitness. Hormonal imbalances may come about due to several factors. The most common causes include a malfunctioning thyroid and adrenal gland. Other causes of hormonal imbalances could include:

  • Obesity or excessive weight: This triggers excessive production of estrogens
  • Less weight than recommended BMI may also lead to low hormonal levels
  • Excessive exercising: Researchers have found that excessive exercising can lead to low thyroid levels and high cortisoid levels
  • Non-organic, chemical and genetically modified foods (GMOs) have also been linked to hormonal imbalances

How to Treat Hormonal Imbalances in the Natural Way

1. Reduce consumption of unsaturated fats

While we need fats to store energy and keep warm, excess unsaturated fats tend to get incorporated into cell building and disturb natural hormone balance. Eat a diet rich in healthy fats like coconut oil, olive oil and omega 3 fish. Avoid fats such as vegetable oil, margarine and soybean oil.

2. Focus on getting your required amount of sleep

Lack of sleep or disturbed sleep patterns can and do disturb hormonal balance. Get 8 hours of peaceful, relaxing sleep every day.

3. Foods including Maca (a form of radish), cod liver oil, and magnesium are great for boosting hormonal balance.

4. There are excellent yoga postures that promote hormonal balance. The focus on breathing and poses has a stabilising effect on the endocrine system and this in turn helps balance hormones.


Hormones are important chemicals that promote health and wellbeing.