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What to Expect from a Typical Reiki Session: Healing Health Benefits of Reiki

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing art that involves the use of cosmic energy for healing. Ancient practitioners believed that universal life force flows through all living things and by channelling healing energy, you can heal others (and yourself) of mental, physical and emotional conditions. What can you expect during a Reiki Session? There are no fixed parameters regarding length or intensity for Reiki sessions. It all depends on your practitioner and the condition that requires treatment. However, quiet places are recommended as this helps eliminate noisy distractions. Sessions usually vary from 20 minutes to about 90 minutes if Read More

What are the Health Benefits of Vegetarian Diets?

What is a Vegetarian Diet? A vegetarian diet essentially eliminates meat products. It’s a diet that consists of vegetables, fruits, nuts and so on. Thanks to a body of modern research, the health benefits of vegetarian diets. People are attracted to vegetarian diets due to different reasons; you may want to cut down on red, fat-laden meat in your diet. Research indicates that vegetarian diets lead to longevity and increased immunity from disease. Vegetarian diets are associated with numerous health and environmental benefits. What are the different Types of Vegetarian Diets? In Australia for example, there are five types of vege Read More

Hypertension and Heart Disease: How to keep your Blood Pressure Down with Natural Remedies

The biggest danger associated with high blood pressure is the risk of developing heart disease. Although high blood pressure (hypertension) can be effectively controlled over time with the help of medication, even medications can affect the functioning of the heart. Following close on the heels of cancer, heart disease is the one of the biggest killers. As always, prevention is better than cure. Natural remedies including meditation, exercise and diet interventions can help stave off hypertension which in turn reduces the risk of developing heart disease. What exactly is Heart Failure? Contrary to popular opinion, heart failure or a Read More

Is Pain Threatening to Disrupt your Life? Acupuncture can help Relieve Chronic Pain

Are you experiencing poor sleep due to pain? Is pain coming in the way of living a normal life? Having to live with constant, chronic pain can be a miserable experience. Pain can disrupt your performance at work and interfere with the daily business of life. According to a study published in the ‘Archives of Internal Medicine’, acupuncture was found to be an effective way to reduce pain. The technique was associated with none of the adverse effects that conventional treatments are known to induce. Acupuncture is known to be effective in the treatment of acute as well as chronic pain. What is Acupuncture? Acupuncture is an a Read More

Feeling Worried, Stressed and unable to Relax? Lavender Oil offers a List of Natural Health Benefits

‘Smell is that potent wizard that transports us across thousands of miles’ Helen Keller Have you been feeling stressed and tense? Aromatherapy has been used since thousands of years as an effective holistic healing method. Lavender was used by English farmers to reduce the possibility of sunstroke.There are numerous oils and essences (essences are distilled from flowers or plants) used in aromatherapy. Lavender oil is extremely popular in aromatherapy clinics owing to its remarkable healing benefits. Lavender oil is extracted from lavender flowers using the process of steam distillation. Lavender has a distinct fragrance of its o Read More

Are your Periods Painful? Homeopathy can help Treat Dysmenorrhoea

Do you experience painful periods? Is cramping during menstruation causing you to miss work or school? Painful periods or dysmenorrhoea can disrupt your work and daily routine. While some amount of discomfort or pain is common during menstruation, excessive cramping is referred to as dysmenorrhoea. While dysmenorrhoea is not a dangerous condition, coping with the pain and discomfort can be extremely difficult. Dysmenorrhoea can be treated with over the counter medication and painkillers. Natural treatments including homeopathy and Ayurvedic treatments are effective for lasting relief from painful periods. Why do some Women Experience Read More

Fed Up of Sneezing and Itching? Yoga can help provide Relief from Hay Fever

As spring weaves its warm magical fingers through the air, most of us feel happy and invigorated. Unfortunately, spring is also notorious for triggering the symptoms of hay fever. This is because spring is the season when pollen is produced by plants and trees. Some individuals are chronically allergic to pollen and their bodies react by triggering non-stop bouts of sneezing, itching and sniffing. Hay fever can play havoc with work and leave you sniffling into tissues and struggling with reddened eyes. According to the Australasian Institute of Immunology, hay fever affects 1 out of 5 Australians and extreme fatigue may interfere with qual Read More

Are you Experiencing Hair Loss, Weight Gain or Dry Skin? Natural Therapy to Treat Hormonal Imbalances

Our hormones play an all-important role in our physical and mental wellbeing. Hormones are natural chemicals that help regulate body processes. While most of us tend to associate hormonal imbalances with pregnant or menopausal women, the truth is everyone gets affected by hormones. Hormones are responsible for a host of functions in the body including reproduction, sex, moods and growth. Hormones also determine energy absorption from different foods. What are the Signs that your Hormones may be Imbalanced? Here are 6 common symptoms that could indicate hormone imbalance: Stubborn weight gain: If you are trying every diet and exer Read More

Do you Read Food Labels Carefully? 4 Food Additives that you should avoid

 Do you find yourself often rushed for time and buying processed, chemical-laden foodstuffs? Prolonged consumption of food additives can lead to harmful health effects. Paul Brent, Chief of Australia’s Food Standards, says that food additives have little or nothing to do with nutrition at all. They are a technological feature of the food industry. In Australia, food stuffs often have to travel a long distance and preservatives are a necessity from the economic point of view. However, it’s important to realise that not everyone will experience adverse reactions to food additives; only those who suffer from sensitivity to certain foo Read More

Suffering from Painful Leg Cramps during Sleep? Natural Tips to Relieve Cramps

Do you suffer from excruciating leg cramps during sleep? Do the cramps disturb your sleep and leave you weary when it’s morning? Leg cramps are much more common than we realise. Most of us have experienced painful leg cramps, especially during pregnancy. Muscle cramps usually occur when a muscle involuntarily contracts and is unable to relax. It stays in the tight, constricted position and causes pain. We’ve all experienced painful leg cramps on the underside of the leg; the calf area. The pain can be severe and the cramps may linger without relief. The muscles in our calf area behind the knee are particularly vulnerable to night cramp Read More

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